Short fiction


Organ of Corti (9900 words), Interzone #286 purchase

Memories of the Occupation (6200 words), Black Static #74 purchase

The Lukewarm Equations (3250 words), Andromeda Spaceways #78 purchase

The First Five Minutes of ReBirth (900 words), Nature: Futures read online



Scolex (9200 words), Interzone #281 purchase

A Billion Dots of Light (950 words), Nature: Futures read online

Del Boy Falling Through the Bar, Forever (3000 words), Infinite Lives: Short Tales of Longevity (Third Flatiron Publishing) purchase

The String People (5200 words), Black Static #72 purchase

The Dredger (4800 words), Nox Pareidolia anthology (Nightscape Press) purchase

Ascending Phases of First Contact (2300 words), Vastarien Vol.2, Issue 3 purchase

Purity (3000 words), Crash Code anthology (Blood Bound Books) purchase

Rainsticks (6800 words, reprint), Best of British SF 2018 anthology purchase



The Gramophone Man (5900 words), Black Static #65 purchase

Rainsticks (6800 words), Aliterate

Ded-Mek (950 words), Nature: Futures read online

Bones of Flightless Birds (3700 words), Black Static #63 purchase

The Rest Of You Is Out Of Place (1800 words), Speculative City read online

The Visible Spectrum (4800 words), Reading 5×5 anthology purchase



A Bergie Seltzer on the Northwest Passage (650 words), White Noise & Ouija Boards: An Anthology of Ghosts & Hauntings anthology purchase



Quert (1500 words), Unsung Stories read online

Reflection Espied in the Glass Façade of 20 Fenchurch Street (600 words), Kaleidotrope read online

Luminaria (2500 words), Metaphorosis read online