‘Rainsticks’ (6800 words), Aliterate

‘Bones of Flightless Birds’ (3700 words), Black Static

‘Grace’ (2800 words), Black Dandy



‘The Rest Of You Is Out Of Place’ (1800 words), Speculative City link

‘The Visible Spectrum’ (4800 words), Reading 5×5 anthology purchase link

‘Quert’ (1500 words), Unsung Stories link

‘The Betrayal’ (1700 words), Page & Spine link

‘Reflection Espied In The Glass Façade Of 20 Fenchurch Street’ (600 words), Kaleidotrope link

‘Luminaria’ (2500 words), Metaphorosis link

‘A Bergie Seltzer on the Northwest Passage’ (650 words), White Noise & Ouija Boards: An Anthology of Ghosts & Hauntings purchase link

‘The Soup Eucharist’ (650 words), Wolves link

‘New Topographies Of London’ (6000 words), The Fable Online link

‘A Tooth For A Tooth’ (4700 words), Turn To Ash purchase link

‘Autumn’s Net’ (6600 words), Perihelion SF