Grace (2800 words), Black Dandy

The Emperor of the World (100 words), Martian



The Gramophone Man (5900 words) Black Static – purchase link

Rainsticks (6800 words) Aliterate

Ded-Mek (950 words) Nature: Futures

Bones of Flightless Birds (3700 words) Black Static – purchase link

The Rest Of You Is Out Of Place (1800 words) Speculative City

The Visible Spectrum (4800 words) Reading 5×5 anthology – purchase link



A Bergie Seltzer on the Northwest Passage (650 words) White Noise & Ouija Boards: An Anthology of Ghosts & Hauntings – purchase link



Quert (1500 words) Unsung Stories

The Betrayal (1700 words) Page & Spine

Reflection Espied in the Glass Façade of 20 Fenchurch Street (600 words) Kaleidotrope

Luminaria (2500 words) Metaphorosis

A Tooth for a Tooth (4700 words) Turn To Ash – purchase link